Peaks and Plateaus

On March 3, 2012 by Master Bill



When you begin your training in Kung Fu San Soo, it‘s not hard to stay focused.  With the excitement of learning the ancient lessons and the sudden realization of actually finding yourself on the road to success, learning becomes fun and easy.

When you are in this process, each new day seems to be moving you upward and towards a path I call a “Peak”.  When you begin nearing the top of a particular peak, and there are many, you have most likely achieved the skills or nearly achieved the skills that this level has to offer.  It is at this time that some students experience a strange phenomenon.  I call this level a “plateau”. 

Symptoms of a plateau are self-doubt, a sudden lack of confidence and a general loss of interest.  It is as though you begin to feel that you aren’t learning anything.  Some students feel like they are no good and it seems they will never get any better.  Others may even have nightmares of moving in slow motion during a combat situation, or throwing punches that won’t hit or hurt their opponent.  If you have experienced any of these things, you probably were, or are on a plateau.

Plateaus can be quite frustrating and persistent.  They have shattered many a dream of becoming an accomplished black belt.  Plateaus are a major cause of failure. 

Overcoming a plateau is actually quite easy.  One simply needs to be aware of their existence, to acknowledge its existence, and most of all you must continue to study.  Your plateau won’t last long.  Soon you find yourself on another journey, climbing a new peak, with your confidence and excitement returning.  Eventually, the plateaus will disappear forever, usually around black belt level. 

If you ever find yourself doubting your abilities or experience a sudden loss of confidence or think you just aren’t learning anything of value, you are probably on a plateau.  Just remember that the plateau you are on now is on a much higher level of learning than the previous one.   You are better now than you were before.  Don’t let a plateau get the best on you.  Don’t let one get in the way of your dream of black belt excellence.  Plateaus are your test.  Peaks are your rewards.  Keep faith in yourself and in your abilities.   Keep on training and learning.  You’ll be a black belt very soon.

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