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On June 12, 2012 by Master Bill


Dave Peel is one of my first distance trainee students.  He studied Kung Fu San Soo exclusively through my private family DVD course and sent videos of his workouts for me to make corrections on. I was very pleased to see how well he was learning. Every year since our first seminar, he has made the trip from Idaho to California to network with others like himself and to learn more about the art.  Seeing him work out in person proved  that my program is working exactly as it was intended.  He now teaches San Soo at his own school. Here are some video clips of him working out.  The first is with one of his students, Jon and the other is with his son Roland and another of his students, Chris. They are extremely impressive! I have included Dave’s Bio that he wrote for me below. More clips of Dave to follow!

I was born 1969 in Akron, Ohio

I moved to Chicago, IL at 1 1/2 yrs old, then on to Reno, NV at the age of 3.

I loved and played soccer and wrestled on a team for six years of my youth.

I learned the violin at age 9 and continue to play today.

As a teen, I learned and mastered magic and sleight of hand manipulations. I studied under a professional magician for 5 yrs and became a performer. While performing close up magic, I also learned balloon sculpting, juggling, knife & tomahawk throwing, and furthered my income by becoming a professional clown; Zeebo was my name.

I was introduced to martial arts as a teen by a master of another art and who was also fellow magician, but I never joined any schools or claimed any styles. He taught me stick and knife fighting at his house. I was his punching dummy for training purposes.

In 1992 I became more focused on a future career that was more stable and reliable. I joined the Sheet Metal Workers Union Local 26 in Reno. I went to trade school for 4 years to obtain my degree and certifications.

In 1994, during the first few months after the birth of my first child Courtney, I was saved, baptized and became a born again Christian. I was elected the worship leader and choir director of the church I was saved at, and served there for 3 years. I have served in church doing multimedia/pre- and post-productions and sound systems ever since.

I married in January 1992 and still going strong after 20 years.

I have four children all of which were born in Reno, NV.

I lived in Reno NV for a total of 27 years.

In 2000 I moved to Boise, Idaho and there I remain.

Since moving to Boise I have been promoted to a foreman of my trade. Currently I work at a facility which manufactures, researches and develops new technology for computer chips, which I am certain you have in your cell phones. I install and maintain all acid, ammonia, and any other ventilation exhausts, and hookups to the machinery/tools which is used for this re-search and development.

In 2000 I began learning and training with my brother, Joe Peel in his garage in a style called Wing Chun Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do along with a small mix of Kajukenbo. Eventually he aligned himself with Kajukenbo completely. I am currently a 3rd level Black Belt in the Gaylord Method of Kajukenbo under this school, which is called White Lion Kajukenbo. His school is certainly unique, because we are a Christian martial arts school and teach the plan of salvation as part of the student’s testing curriculum. Plus we pray before and after every class and do the pledge of allegiance to the US flag at beginning of every class.

In late 2001, while in my early stages of learning Kajukenbo, I was introduced to Kung Fu San Soo from a master practitioner of KFSS and an ex-school owner. He moved up here from Southern California and wished to remain nameless, and didn’t even teach, but gave us a demonstration any ways (against his wife’s wishes) at our Kajukenbo school. I fell in love with the art the instant I witnessed the amount of pure control and viciousness he showed just in the few moves he demonstrated. I have since met ex-students of his and without a doubt, they are a validation of his skills and knowledge.

After endless searching, asking via emails and phone calls, of the many masters of KFSS, none were willing to spend the amount of time to do any long distance training; until Master Bill Hulsey. I was extremely leery and cautious about spending the money he was asking, but now I’m satisfied that I did. He taught with open arms and a sincere willingness to help. I studied his lessons and then video taped myself doing the moves to the best of my ability and would send him a copy. He would critique them and send me an email, or call me, and discuss what I needed to fix and/or change to make the technique/lesson work. This made for slow learning but none the less I was still learning.

I’ve been studying KFSS for 11 years now, even though I am still learning at a bit of a slower pace than most, I feel that I can not afford to make mistakes, because I don’t have a personal trainer at my disposal for quick corrections. This makes it imperative that I learn these moves and lessons correctly. If it still doesn’t make sense to me, then obviously I would call Master Bill. However, I feel I have been blessed with a gift to really figure out these involved lessons.

I now have five of my own students which consists of four adults and my 12 year old son, Roland. Roland just tested and received his yellow belt on Wednesday May 23rd of 2012,

Long distance learning has it’s drawbacks and it takes three times as long to learn and figure out what needs to be changed, or corrected, but I’m glad I stuck it out. I have since been able to move like the master I saw 10 years ago; whom has resurfaced a couple of times over these years and validated me with his approval of what I was learning. He was very impressed and pleased with my knowledge and abilities.

Thank you Master Bill Hulsey for being patient with me and willing to help even when you doubted yourself as to whether or not your videos would work. But I did it, and I feel I have earned my rank among your students. I feel I am a living testament to your long distance training.

God Bless!

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