Building the Complete Fighter- Master Bill Hulsey

On December 22, 2010 by adriot

Many people do not know this but Jimmy Woo and Frank Woolsey established a working business partnership back in the early 60’s. Jimmy ran the established studio in El Monte, Ca. and Frank opened a new studio in Downey, Ca. The training that Jimmy Woo sanctioned and Frank Woolsey taught in the Downey school was how I began my training. I was there for six years before I transferred to Jimmy’s school in El Monte.

Training in the Woolsey school was not haphazard. Lessons were not just randomly handed out. There were lesson plans laid out by Jimmy Woo and taught by Frank Woolsey. The lessons were taught in categories. Each lesson in each category had a name and number assigned to it. The names of the categories are Ah-Soo, Fut-Ga, Choy-Li-Ho, Top-ga and Numpi. Learning one of these lessons gave you the skills and coordination you needed to learn another lesson further down the line.

Life in the old Woolsey school was rough to say the least. Pain was an everyday experience and injury was always just another punch away. Discipline was never a problem. If you didn’t have any, you would be beaten until you either got some or quit. I was there for one reason and one reason only; I wanted to learn how to fight like the devil himself, and I wasn’t going to let a little pain stop me.


Each new student, including myself started on number one Ah-Soo. Ah-Soo, roughly translated means “fighting hands”. These lessons coordinate the hands, builds power and begins the “focus of the Chi”. Simply put, Ah-Soo gives a man a great ability to punch with single action or multiple combinations of punches. Powerful blocks and stances are also secured. After practicing these lessons for between six months to a year, a student will become very powerful and can accurately and decisively hit an aggressive moving target. Your hands are now coordinated and it’s time to begin Fut-Ga training.


Fut-Ga, roughly translated means “the way of the monk”. The function of these lessons was to effectively coordinate your hands to work with your feet. Fut-Ga, unlike the defensive Ah-Soo lessons, are offensive and require you to approach your opponent from any one of eight different angles. Completion of the Fut-Ga lessons will have doubled your effective power and the body extremities are now coordinated enough to work as a single unit. Launching multiple attacks, utilizing punches and kicks at the same time, is now not only possible but very feasible.


Choy-Li-Ho (the three families of San Soo), utilizes single action punches and kicks but is very strong in leverage, pressure points, joint locks, throws, flips, hyper extension of nerves, muscles, ligaments and tendons, as well as many varieties of bone breaking, including arms, legs, back and neck. Power is not a concern here as leverage in paramount in this training. When you put the Choy-Li-Ho training together with the Ah-Soo and the Fut-Ga training you are now beginning to build a complete fighter. However, there are still some important elements missing.

TOP-GA (Dap-Ga)

Even though you have learned three categories of lessons, each on their own extremely outstanding and effective, you still need something to bring them all together. Learning to throw a punch and a kick or set a leverage is useless to a student of any Art unless he is taught how to use it in a combat situation. This is where Top-Ga comes in. Top-Ga combines all the skills and movements you have previously learned and puts them all into one. These lessons are spectacular to watch when executed correctly by a professional. They are incredible and beautiful. They are powerful and fancy, but they come right to the point. They will hurt you really bad. Words can’t describe these lessons. They must be seen and felt to fully understand their worth.

NUMPI (continuos circular attacking methods)

What can I say? Numpi is why you are studying the Art. Don’t leave home without it. Numpi lessons are the finest hand to hand combat lessons ever devised by man. Don’t let anyone or any article, book or journal tell you any different. These lessons add the elements you need to make you a great fighter. Numpi offers phenomenal powerful punching combinations that are second to none on the street or in the studio. Numpi cuts in at angles, uses your opponents power against himself, utilizes economy of motion and makes whatever aggressive movement your opponent tries to use against you incorrect. Against Numpi, it doesn’t matter what your opponent does, it is wrong. Numpi is taught to be both offensive and defensive, but best of all, Numpi will work for you.

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