Get in the Zone: Ranges

On December 22, 2010 by adriot

There are basically three ranges that we are concerned with in the Art of Kung Fu San Soo – close, medium, and long range. While are three are realistic distances that exist in real life situations, we try to place ourselves in the position that is best suited for our style of fighting.

Close Range

This is when you and your opponent are basically nose to nose. While it’s possible to hit your opponent effectively from this range, it’s by no means your most powerful blow. It’s also very difficult to defend yourself when this close. There simply isn’t enough time for you to react to an attack on your opponent’s part from this position.

Long Range

This distance from your opponent looks and feels good, because you’re well out ofreach from anything that he might try to do to you. He would have to take a step forward before he could strike you. And this would give you plenty of time to react to his charge. The draw back to this distance, is that the reverse is also true. You would have to take a step forward to strike him, and giving him time to counter your attack. This distance is good when evaluating the situation, but ineffective for fighting, because you’re out of striking range.

Medium Range

This is the best range for us to fight from. We are in our optimum power zone. From this position, not only can you strike your opponent, you can deliver full power as well. When two people are in the optimum power zone, the one who throws the first punch, will most likely be the one who delivers the first punch. It’s extremely dif¬ficult to stop an attack that is launched from this distance.

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