Kung Fu San Soo is the finest hand to hand combat art ever invented by man. It is offensive by nature but can also be used defensively. The art evolved thousands of years ago in southern china making it the oldest and most respected organized hand to hand combat art in the world today.

Every lesson contained in this art has been used on the battle field. The art has proven to be effective in combat situations by thousands of brilliant san soo warriors. Therefore, we do not have to ponder its worth rather we can spend our time perfecting the ancient techniques and can continue daily to perfect our skills.

Kung Fu San Soo was created entirely as a combat technique and utilizes mans natural ability to fight against his opponents nervous systems weak points. It should never be used in tournament or other sport oriented activities. We do not fight a man because we have been promoted to do so, but because we have been forced to. Now, all that matters is whether or not you win. In a combat situation you never know how much you can lose.

This art teaches us that if we get into a fight we put our lives on the line, so the psychology of the art is simple. Never give a man a chance. We do not assume a fighting stance nor do we warn our opponents before we strike.

It has been said that Kung Fu San Soo has no beauty. I agree completely. There is nothing pretty about kicking a man in the groin or poking your finger in his eyes or stomping him in the throat for that matter. In comparison, there is nothing pretty about shooting a man in the chest with a 45 caliber gun.

But let us all remember, we do not do any of these things because they are entertaining, but because they are necessary.

You never give a man that has fallen to the ground a chance to stand. You finish him because it is necessary. We strike a man anywhere and with a clear conscience because he has forced you to do so and because it is necessary.

It must be understood that these techniques were created and perfected for thousands of years for one purpose and for one purpose only, for combat. No man can change them into a sport. If he does it can no longer be called Kung Fu San Soo.

There have been a lot of people over the years that have told me they wouldn’t study Kung Fu San Soo because they think it is too violent and brutal.

They don’t seem to care though, how violent a 45 caliber hand gun is. Or, how much damage a six inch piece of sharpened steel can do. Besides, don’t you think it all depends on whose hands these weapons are in?

Whether it is a gun or a knife or the art of Kung Fu San Soo, remember you are only going to use these weapons if you are forced to do so. Now, the only thing of importance is that you win. Unfortunately, sometimes violence is your only alternative when protecting yourself or your loved ones from harm.

Here is the way I look at it. If someone is in the process of trying to take away your means of living a full and productive life, then nothing is too violent. I especially believe this to be true, if you are using the art of Kung Fu San Soo to protect yourself. In fact, it is you moral obligation. Monks of old viewed themselves as protectors of the weak and oppressed and punishers of evil doers. If you stop a man that is trying to hurt you with extreme violence then maybe he will think twice before attacking someone else who cannot protect himself.

There are many gravestones from the past that could read “here lies a man that did slowly what should have been done quickly”, or worse yet, “here lies a man that did nothing at all.”

If you have to call on Kung Fu San Soo for help, it will never let you down. It will always be there for you.

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